Modpack Update: The Numina Pack Ver. Lite 1.0 Near Completion!

The completion of The Numina Pack is near! With all of the mods in place, as well as a server pack and a full-on gameplay series on it, the release of the TechnicLauncher modpack Numina is finally coming! Here are all of the updates:


  • Lite 1.0 (Completed)
  • Generations 1.0 (Almost Complete)

Resource Packs:

  • Numina Sphax Pack 32x for Numina Generations (Complete)
  • Numina Sphax Pack 64x-128x for Numina Generations (Complete)
  • Numina Sphax Pack 32x for Numina Lite (Almost Complete)
  • Numina Sphax Pack 64x-128x for Numina Lite (Almost Complete)

    Many thanks to HanFox for the permission for the resourcepack creation.


  • Official Numina Website (in progress)
  • Numina Gameplay series (in progress)
  • NDT [short form for Numina Development Team] : Hiring (look for specifications in this blog post)
  • Trailer for The Numina Pack: Generations (Complete)
  • Trailer for The Numina Pack: Lite Edition (in progress)

So, yeah! Those are the updates which we are making so far. We are making good progress regarding this remarkable side project which I started almost 2 years ago. Does time fly by, am I right?

If you want to try and join in the NDT (Numina Development Team) and help us in the forming and creation of this modpack, be my guest! If you want any more information, please contact us in our Official Numina Discord Server to talk to one of the admins for any roles.

Anyways, this is the end of this blog post. Thanks for reading!

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